The Commonwealth Games Raging Bull

The Bull which featured so creatively and powerfully at the opening ceremony of The Commonwealth Games is currently on display at Centenary Sq in Birmingham.  We feature it here.

Where is the Raging Bull?

Currently, it is in the Centenary Square, Birmingham B1.


About the Raging Bull

Wow!  That was the reaction, not only of those fortunate enough to have a ticket for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Birmingham, but also of the many millions watching on television.

But what now for the "Commonwealth Games" Raging Bull as we shall, for the moment, refer to it as. 

As to be expected, the call for it to be on permanent display is rife and should that be the decision going forward, it will most certainly continue to draw the crowds wherever it is finally located. 

For now, it can be seen and enjoyed at Centenary Square, and, it is certainly worth experiencing close up the intricate work that has gone in to its design and build.

Just look at the detail in this photography from Daniel Sturley, a team member at Birmingham We Are.



Did you know?

Here are some interesting facts you may or may not know about the Bull.

- The Bull is 10 metres high and weighs 2.5 tonnes. It had to be carried around the stadium by a 17 tonne vehicle and the tele-handler facilitated the movement of the Bull. 

- The Bull was commissioned from special effects company Artem by the organisers of the opening ceremony.

- The Bull was used in the ceremony to symbolise "compassion and togetherness" after it had been pulled into the stadium by women who worked during the industrial revolution making chains for the slave trade.

- The Bull is made of scrap metal and machinery from factories.

- During the ceremony, it took 6 people to operate the bull with 3 of those being inside the bull itself. 



Watch this space for more!


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